WINNIPEG -- Premier Brian Pallister released the draft plan for the second phase of reopening Manitoba on Thursday, and fitness facilities, gyms, swimming pools, and other recreation centres will be able to reopen.

Michael Belostotsky, owner of Winnipeg South Fit Body Boot Camp, said while they are excited to get back to work, he wants everyone to adhere to health recommendations.

“We have support from the franchise. So we already have a plan/playbook to reopen and what to do. But we can’t just go in and buy as much as you need right. So we have some logistical modifications,” said Belostotsky.

Belostotsky said they will be marking the floor to measure physical distancing, which will impact the number of people they can allow inside and into classes.

“Instead of 25 people per session we would normally have, we will have like eight to 10,” he said. “We will keep going with our online coaching for those clients who are particularly concerned and don’t want to put themselves at any possible risk.”

To follow provincial guidelines facilities should have:

-managed entry points to ensure physical distancing and discourage congregation inside;

-screening for all patrons using the online screening tool and screening posters; and

-hand hygiene stations at the entrance and throughout the facility.

“We won’t open unless I’m 100 per cent sure that we observe all the recommendations and we do everything possible to prevent any kind of spread of the infection,” Belostotsky said. “My mission is to make sure all my clients are healthy.”

The province also said booking systems should be in place to reserve time blocks in the gym or exercise area. That should include time for staff to clean and disinfect the equipment. Any equipment that is hard to clean, like foam rollers and yoga blocks, are not recommended for use. 

Locker room use is to be limited and stocked with disinfectant wipes, and no towel service should be offered. Patrons are asked to shower at home. 

Self-serve water stations and fountains will be closed unless they can be wiped down with every use. Staff can fill drink orders, but they can’t fill a used cup.

Areas of a gym for group sports, like courts, that cannot comply with provincial guidelines will have to remain closed.

Belostotsky said if you’re not ready to head back to the gym, he encourages people to stay active somehow.

“We all need to stay physically active. That helps us mentally. That helps us physically. We are made to be to be physically active, and as people stay at home and don’t exercise, that may cause damage to their health even more,” he said.