With spring break just around the corner, the province is reminding Manitobans travelling out of province to consider purchasing travel health insurance to provide additional coverage.

Whether you’re staying in Canada or travelling internationally, Manitobans are asked to consider private insurance options to supplement provincial health insurance plan coverage while away.

If a Manitoban requires emergency care outside of Canada, Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living says that health-care services in other countries, particularly the United States, can be significantly more expensive than in Manitoba.

The province says coverage for Manitobans seen as an outpatient in hospital or in an emergency department outside of Canada is limited to a maximum of $100 CAD per visit.  Physician services are covered at the same rates paid to Manitoba doctors.

If a Manitoba resident doesn’t buy travel insurance, ambulance services are not included.

For more information on health care coverage when travelling, visit www.gov.mb.ca/health/mhsip/leavingmanitoba.html.