Curtis Fehr and long-time sand sculpter, Randy Ptashnick, raised Grand Beach sand to a new level on August Long weekend.

Manitoba can now proudly add another record to the books: largest sand castle.

Fehr and Ptashnick raised approximately 10 tons of sand into a 12 foot castle. The project commenced Friday and allotted one day for stacking and packing of sand and two days for carving.

“It feels great and I am so happy we were able to hit our goal. It was two days of marathon carving, something we've never done before. I can't speak for Randy but I am pretty tired and sore,” said Fehr.

Fehr has four years of experience building castles and carvings on the beach. Up until now, his largest sand structure measured at approximately eight feet tall.

The Grand Beach Cottage Owners Association backed the effort with an underlying intent of attracting foreign carvers to the beach.