WINNIPEG -- Health officials are warning Manitobans about a new hoax going around connected to COVID-19.

Dr. Brent Roussin, the province's chief provincial public health officer, said on Thursday some people are claiming to be public health nurses and they are arriving at people's doors.

"Those who have been tested for COVID-19 will receive a phone call from public health. Public health officials do not typically go door to door," said Roussin.

He said when public health contacts people, they will do so first by stating their name and credentials.

"On very rare occasions will public health come to your house if they are unable to contact you in any other way," he said, adding Manitobans can ask more about their credentials at any time.

Roussin said people should call police on their non-emergency line if someone shows up and it is considered suspicious.

If the situation ends up turning violent, Roussin said people should call 911.

The Winnipeg Police Service didn't have any further information to provide.