Winnipeg’s mayor and his inner circle are looking for help from other the levels of government to fight the meth crisis.

Brian Bowman’s executive policy committee passed a motion calling on the province and Ottawa to establish an intergovernmental meth task force with the city. The aim of the task force is to identify prevention and treatment strategies to help addicts.

“That's really at the heart of the motion that we're considering today is creating a framework for getting everybody in the same room," said Mayor Bowman.

The motion also urges the federal government to crack down on meth coming across the border by bolstering security efforts.

Council approval for the motion is still required.

Meantime, Manitoba's Health Minister Cameron Friesen said all jurisdictions "are struggling and feeling the effects of this crisis.

"We have discussed and will continue to discuss the issue with our federal and municipal counterparts as part of our efforts to combat the rise in use of methamphetamine,” he said.