The jury at the first degree murder trial of Karl McKay and Samantha Kematch watched a videotape, which showed Karl McKay taking RCMP investigators to the spot his step-daughter Phoenix Sinclair was buried.

On the video shown in court Tuesday, McKay marked an X in the snow.

Five-year-old Phoenix was killed in the couple's basement on the Fisher River Cree Nation in June 2005.

The 17 minute video was shot nine months later, about a week after McKay had been arrested.

"I've done this for Phoenix to recover her body," he said on the tape, "'cause she deserves a proper burial."

McKay told the officers that he and Kematch spread pepper over the body to disguise the scent. He said it was an idea Kematch picked up from a television show.

Mckay also told the officers he knew the spot in the bush where the girl would be found because he used a broken branch on a nearby tree as a reference point -- just in case they ever decided to come back to the body.

With a report from CTV's Kelly Dehn