WINNIPEG -- Pieces of history from Downtown Winnipeg are currently on the auction block.

Kaye’s Auction House in Winnipeg is currently auctioning off several pieces of window display figures from Winnipeg’s Downtown Eaton’s store, which closed in 1999 and was demolished in 2002.

The pieces are part of an estate sale at the auction house.

eaton's auction pic

 (Image source: Kaye's Auction House)

Frank Douglas with the auction house said three of the seven pieces were obtained from a man who purchased them when the store closed. These pieces are made of paper-mache and created by Walker Display.

"Eaton’s had their own artist, and they would have just had them made in the shop," he said.

The remaining four pieces are made of painted plywood, and were from a woman whose mother worked at the department store, Douglas said.

eaton's auction2

 (Image source: Kaye's Auction House)

The auction house occasionally receives items with the Eaton’s Diamond Label, but something directly related to the store is rare, Douglas added, noting they do draw interest from some collectors.

"A couple of months ago, we had an Eaton’s wood sign," he said. "It wasn’t that old, it looked like it came off one of the mall stores. It was sitting at $50 for most of the auction, and in the end, it ended up going for $305."

The pieces can be viewed on the Kaye’s Auction House website. Bidding remains open until Sunday.

Eaton's window

 (Image source: Kaye's Auction House)