WINNIPEG -- A memorial for a woman who was killed in a crash in September has been vandalized.

The crash took place on Sept. 26, when police attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a truck in the area of Salter Street and Boyd Avenue.

Police said the truck driver then took off down the street and hit a van at the intersection of Andrews Street and Boyd Avenue.

Four people in the van and two from the truck were taken to hospital. Jennifer Dethmers, 30, who was in the van, died from her injuries.

A memorial, which was set up at the site of the crash to honour Dethmers, has been burned and vandalized.

The victim’s family said it’s upsetting that someone would disrespect the memorial, which was set up as a place where family and friends could come together and remember Dethmers in a safe way.

“There was only a certain amount of people that could come to the service, the funeral, so we wanted that site for them to go to talk to her, to spend time with her, to remember her, and leave their tears there,” said Candy Volk, Dethmers’ mother.

“So that’s why we had that site and why I wanted it there, that’s where her life had ended.”

Dethmers’ family said even though someone tried to destroy the memorial, they can’t take away their memories.