A first-of-its-kind facility, showcasing the heritage and history of the Métis Nation, is set to be built in Winnipeg.

On Friday, the Manitoba Metis Federation announced $3.4 million in funding from Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada will go towards the Métis National Heritage Centre.

MMF president David Chartrand said he’s happy the centre will be built in the “Birthplace of the Metis Nation and the Heart of the Metis Nation Homeland."

“This is a museum of our people, who we are, what we’ve become, and how we became who we are,” said Chartrand at the announcement Friday.

The MMF said the centre will provide Métis people with a chance to tell their story, and give Canadians a forum to learn about Métis heritage, language, culture, government and contributions to the development of Canada.

Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Carolyn Bennet said the heritage centre will help foster reconciliation between Canada and the Métis.

"We are proud to work with the Métis Nation to ensure their rightful place in Canadian history," she said.