WINNIPEG -- Millions of dollars in funding is available for Manitoba nature-based non-profit organizations working to make the province green.

On Thursday morning, the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation put out a call for proposals for the Conservation Trust fund. This year, the Conservation Trust has $4.3 million available to fund grassroots conservation groups with projects that create, conserve, or enhance Manitoba’s natural infrastructure.

“Locally-based conservation groups now have a major new funding opportunity that will result in significant new conservation activities,” Tim Sopuck, CEO of the corporation, said in a news release.

The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation said each group may be eligible to receive up to $250,000 under four categories:

  • Habitat and wildlife;
  • Soil health;
  • Advancing innovative and conservation planning;
  • Connecting people to nature.

The funding comes from $102 million the province invested in 2018 in the Conservation Trust. The money is held by the Winnipeg Foundation, and will fund programs annually through the Conservation Trust.

“The $102 million Conservation Trust is an innovative, forward-thinking approach to invest in projects that enhance natural infrastructure and the environmental goods and services they provide to Manitobans,” Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires said in a news release. “With this long-lasting partnership with the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation and The Winnipeg Foundation, we are building a legacy of work that will benefit all Manitobans and ensure Manitoba remains Canada’s cleanest, greenest, most climate-resilient province.”

Last year, the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation said they were able to fund 31 Manitoba groups with $2.2 million towards 41 different projects. With matching funds, the corporatuin said $7.8 million was put towards conservation activities.

Information on how to submit an application to Conservation Trust can be found online.