WINNIPEG -- A missing 8-year-old boy has been found after an overnight search in Roseau River First Nation.

According to a Facebook post by Roseau River First Nation Chief Craig Alexander, the boy was found safe and alert after an 18-hour search. It said the boy is now with family and medical personnel to ensure he is in good health.

Earlier,search and rescue teams, along with community members, were out searching for the boy who was not seen since Friday night in Roseau River First Nation, Man.

Raymond French, the First Nation’s fire chief, said the parents noticed their son was missing around 7 p.m.

The community was alerted by sirens around 9 p.m., according to French, with the search beginning shortly after.

A couple of dozen search and rescue members with boats werehelping the community in the search.

He had been last seen by his parents in his yard but he managed to get through a fence. He had beenseen wearing a black t-shirt, shorts, with no shoes.

His home is located a couple of hundred yards from a river, with French saying it's believed the boy likes water. The search was focused around the dike area near the river after searches of the community and the east side of the reserve were unsuccessful.

The boy also went missing about a year ago and was given a tracking device, but it was lost a couple of months ago and has not yet been replaced.