Winnipeg – It’s been a drafty 17 years since a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan has worn a pair of pants, but that could all change on Sunday.

It was 2001 and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were about to face off against the Calgary Stampeders in the 89th Grey Cup Championships. Chris Matthew was wearing shorts at the time and he told his friends he would keep wearing shorts until the Bombers won the cup. Then the boys in blue and gold lost.

“I said I would wear them until they win the Grey Cup, and I’m still waiting,” Matthew told CTV News.

It’s been 17 years and Matthews said he still hasn’t broken that vow. He does still own a pair of stretchy camo-patterned pants.

“I would rather he be in shorts than those pants, so it’s worked out well,” said Darla Matthew, Chris’ wife. “Yeah, it’s going to be shorts forever – and he does look cute in his shorts.”

Mathew said he does get a lot of stares from people walking down the street. And the response from Darla?

“Idiot, goofball, I mean there’s so many,” she says of her husband’s vow.

“I mean it is kind of a stupid thing,” Matthew said. “ I mean who else runs around -40 C below in Winnipeg with no pants on, so I mean it’s not the brightest thing in the world to do, I’ll give you that.”

Matthew said if Bombers’ head coach Mike O’Shea shows up at his door, telling him to put some pants on he would do it. But unless that happens, Matthew said he’s going to be wearing shorts.

He hopes that will change on Sunday when the Bombers take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Darla isn’t so sure though.

“Yeah, it’s going to be shorts forever – he does look cute in his shorts.” 

-with files from CTV's Jamie Dowsett