Brandon East could see longtime NDP stronghold give.

The city of Brandon is split right down the middle using 18th Street as a political boundary.

On one side, Brandon West, a seat held firmly by the Progressive Conservatives.

On the other, Brandon East a seat held by the NDP since the constituencies creation in 1969.

But Kelly Saunders, Brandon University political science professor, says the winds of change could be blowing in for Brandon East.

"To win a riding that has only been NDP since 1969, is you know, is amazing. I mean, it would be an amazing coup for the conservatives to win this riding," she said.

On Monday, Manitoba's election eve, all three Brandon East candidates were out in the constituency reminding residents to vote.

NDP incumbent Drew Caldwell was sticking flyers to people's doors and also calling out his closest rival PC candidate Len Isleifson.

"There's never been an election in my lifetime where somebody seeking to represent Brandon isn't making a single commitment to a single project in Brandon," said Caldwell.

A school for Brandon's growing south is a commitment both Caldwell's NDPs and Vanessa Hamilton's Liberals have pledged to do if elected Tuesday.

"Families do want their kids to go to school in their own neighbourhoods so it is a hot issue this election," said Hamilton.

Isleifson says he supports the idea of a new school, but the PCs need more details before moving forward.

"Not just how much it's going to cost. But what size of school do we need what type of educational opportunities should we have for more teachers," said Isleifson.

He added what he's been hearing at the doors is residents need a change in leadership.

While last minute canvassing happened all over the city Monday, inside a Brandon coffee shop local business owner Will Goodon got a lunchtime meeting in, but he also talked politics.

"It's a fun sport to watch almost."

He's watching Brandon East with a close eye and hopes the rest of Manitoba is too.

"If it looks like it's going to change than that means there's a big change happening right across the province."