It's been called a piece of Winnipeg history, a 110-year-old mansion located at 514 Wellington Crescent.

In it's day it housed the wealthy and the powerful. "We feel it is a very significant property," said Cindy Tugwell from Heritage Winnipeg. But the house will soon be gone forever.

It's being demolished.

The City of Winnipeg has given the owner a permit to demolish the mansion. The city has also approved a permit to build a 3500 square foot, 2-storey family dwelling.

"Why would you destroy a very solid, structurally sound beautiful mansion that's part of Winnipeg's and Crescentwood's history," asked Tugwell. "Just to build an innocuous home you can build anywhere? It makes no sense."

It doesn't make sense to Matheus Israel either. The Crescentwood resident says the historic home should continue to be a part of the neighborhood. "It is just a very beautiful building that is worth saving. It's a piece of our history."

Residents say they haven't given up hope. They're trying to raise awareness, and hope to speak to the mayor to get the demolition permit withdrawn.