WINNIPEG -- Crews from Regina and Saskatoon are coming to Winnipeg to help clean up the destruction from the October storm.

The City of Winnipeg said crews are working to clear downed trees and fallen branches, and it asks people to be mindful.

If a tree is blocking a road or if crews are working, residents are asked to not drive through the site, and not to drive on medians or boulevards to get around crews. Winnipeggers are also asked to not park next to fallen trees or large limbs.

Reporting fallen trees

If a tree is in contact with a power line, even if it’s on private property, call 911, the city said. 

Winnipeggers should contact 311 if a tree is blocking a public right-of-way or if it’s fallen on public property.

If a tree has fallen on private property, it’s the responsibility of the property owner to clean up. Fallen trees or branches should not be left on a public boulevard, but brought to the Brady Road Resource Management Facility or one of the city’s 4R Winnipeg Depots. The city has waived tipping fees at the Brady Road Resource Management Facility for commercial haulers bringing storm-related wood.

The city also reminds residents that storage of elm wood is prohibited under the Forest Health Protection Act and Regulations. 

Flooding update

River levels are rising at the James Avenue gauge, and as of 12:28 p.m. on Wednesday it’s at 15.57 feet. The city said no properties are at risk of flooding.

Residents are warned to be cautious near waterways, and homeowners are urged to take the proper steps to avoid basement flooding.