One woman is dead following an early-morning attack in Winnipeg. Police haven't yet released the name, but co-workers said the victim is 26-year-old Kaila Tran.

Witnesses said the victim was stabbed outside her car on Clayton Drive, just before 7 a.m. June 20.

Those who saw it said it was gruesome, adding there's no doubt in their minds it was a homicide.

"They were screaming and hollering," said Richard Synchuk, who heard the incident.

Police, however, have not yet confirmed they're calling the case a homicide. Officers said Wednesday they weren't yet ready to make that leap, instead calling the death suspicious.

It's believed the victim lived in the nearby apartment block.

Neighbours tried to help by giving her CPR.

CTV News is told the woman had a wound in her back and was missing some teeth.

Witnesses said they saw a man take off running with a knife towards a nearby park.

Police arrived and told people to stay in their homes, with officers looking for an armed suspect.

"This is not St. Vital stuff. This has never happened around here before and it scares me," said Brittany Schultz, a resident.

She watched as the K-9 unit made its way towards the water.

"I guess it was following a scent and they haven't been back since," said Schultz Wednesday afternoon.

Officers spent the day gathering evidence from the scene.

Police said Wednesday no arrests had been made and no weapons recovered.

Some of the witnesses said they believe the suspect and victim knew each other,

With the investigation still underway, police wouldn't comment Wednesday.

- with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley