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Decision delayed in cannabis challenge

A provincial judge has reserved a court decision over whether to overturn Manitoba's ban on home-grown cannabis.

When the federal government legalized cannabis sales in 2018, it included allowing Canadians to grow up to four cannabis plants at home for personal use.

However, the Manitoba government banned this practice, citing public health and safety concerns.

Jesse Lavoie is challenging that ban. He and several supporters rallied in front of the legislative building Friday before arguing his case for the second time in a Manitoba court.

Lavoie is arguing that a recent decision in Quebec upholding that province's ban on home-grown cannabis doesn't apply here.

"Quebec's law is to defend a monopoly of cannabis, which doesn't exist here in Manitoba," said Lavoie.

In April, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that Quebec's ban prohibiting people from growing cannabis for personal use was constitutional.

However Lavoie says Manitoba's ban is harsher than Quebec's, and should not supersede federal law. "The provincial government doesn't have the jurisdiction to take a federal law and re-criminalize it," he said.

Lavoie calls the ban hypocritical. "In Manitoba, you can't grow your four recreational plants, but you can get a medical license to grow over a hundred," he said.

Both sides argued their case in front of a Manitoba judge Friday. Lavoie said the judge is going to reserve her decision for the time being, but he expects it to come in the next few months. Top Stories

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