Canadians can expect to see their grocery bills go up in the new year, a new report finds. According to the University of Guelph's annual price index, the price of food will increase about three and a half per cent in 2013.

The biggest price hikes are predicted to be in meat and eggs, with pork products costing up to 10 per cent more in the new year. This is thanks to the rising cost of feed from to the U.S. drought, the report said.

Marla Somersall with the Manitoba Association of Food Banks said the price hike will put an even larger strain on local banks.

"All of that stuff does two things with food banks--brings more people in because they can't afford to buy their own food, and it reduces the amount of donations we get. If people want to donate $50 worth of food to the food bank, $50 is less food," Somersall said.

Last year, the University of Guelph's predictions proved to be fairly accurate. It said the price of meat would rise three per cent, and the price spiked to nearly four per cent.