WINNIPEG -- A Winnipegger has created a special list of interesting sites to visit in Manitoba, which includes everything from natural wonders to paranormal encounters.

Stuck at home due to the pandemic, Chris Rutkowski, a science writer and UFO researcher, decided to compile a list of interesting spots in the province for people to explore.

"I've always been fascinated with Manitoba itself. (I'm) born and raised here," said Rutkowski. "People are always saying, 'There's never anything interesting. It's all the same old thing,' and in my travels and research, I've found many unusual places to visit."

The list, titled A Mysterious Manitoba Vacation - Pandemic Edition: 2021, focuses on sites off the beaten track.

"Everything for anyone is one thing is on this particular list. There are beaches. There are supposedly haunted locations. Places where you can find a lake monster lurking in the depths. Places where Sasquatch were seen. A little of everything," Rutkowski said.

The list includes natural wonders like the Devil's Punch Bowl, the Narcisse Snake Dens, and the Kettle Stones.

It also includes paranormal sites like the Falcon Lake saucer and the Woodridge spook light, making it a good list for people wanting to learn more about Manitoba's supernatural events.

"I think this list is a good start for people wanting to find out about the unnatural history of Manitoba," said Rutkowski.

Rutkowski has been keeping a running list of places to visit for more than a decade.

"I've been studying and researching these types of phenomena since the 1970 and I've compiled quite a list,” he said. "I've probably been to hundreds of places in Manitoba that are a bit out of the way or are a bit unusual."

When making the list, Rutkowski said he put careful consideration into adding if spots were difficult to get to or were closed due to restrictions.

"Even though Manitoba is a relatively young province, there's enough history going back to keep us interested," said Rutkowski. "Although this list is purely Manitoba, I imagine that people could probably do the same for every other province across Canada."

Rutkowski said he hopes the list lets people explore the province and enjoy it during a time when there isn't much else to do.

"I'd ask people to take the list and see if they can get a photo of Bigfoot or maybe try and swim with Manipogo or see if they can find a haunted location that suits them perfectly," he said.

A full link to the list can be found here.