Since 1907, the party that wins Gimli has formed government, all but two times.

It’s a true bellwether constituency in Manitoba. Gimli is usually a battle between the New Democratic Party and Progressive Conservatives. It might be shaping up that way again.

Joanne Levy was disqualified by Elections Manitoba, so there is no Liberal candidate and no incumbent either.

Former NDP cabinet minister Peter Bjornson retired from politics. One of his former high school students is trying to take his place.

NDP candidate Armand Belanger manages the local conservation district. He says the health of Lake Winnipeg is top of mind with voters.

Despite low polling numbers with his leader, Greg Selinger, Belanger remains confident.

"Going door to door, there's still a lot of people that believe in the message of the New Democratic Party in social equality and the environment," said Belanger

The NDP won the seat by 800 votes in 2011. Conservative candidate Jeff Wharton finished second in that race.

The former business owner is running again. He said doctor recruitment and retention is a big issue. Wharton hopes his second go around is successful.

"The biggest focus is making sure we have a larger team, and we do. The volunteers have stepped up incredibly and it's been fabulous," said Wharton

The Manitoba Party is represented too. Ed Paquette is worried about an expensive water bill potentially facing homeowners for sewer upgrades.

"I want a breakthrough. I think the people of this area really want lower taxes, overall," said Paquette

Green Party candidate Dwight Harfield is also running in Gimli. He tells CTV he too has concerns about the sewer line expansion.