While crews in Winnipeg are working to clean up debris following an October snowstorm, Winnipeg’s mayor said some homeowners are putting a hamper on the city’s efforts.

On Friday, Mayor Brian Bowman said he’s received reports of people taking broken branches and debris off their property and putting it on city streets for city crews to clean up.

“If you think that's helping -- give your head a shake. Because we need everybody to do their part, and that means private property owners should not be dumping trees and debris on public roads. It puts people’s safety at risk,” Bowman said. “It’s also not the Winnipeg way. The way that we respond in times of crisis, in times of emergency is we all have a role to play in our community.”

Bowman said the priority for cleanup crews is addressing potential safety issues and cleaning up debris on public land. He said private homeowners are responsible for the debris on their land. 

But the city is helping homeowners deal with the debris. 

Bowman said the hours of the 4R depots have been extended from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. through to Sunday. 

“We want to make sure, this weekend that everyone is doing their part,” Bowman said. “If you have a truck, if you have tools that can provide some assistance – lend a hand to your neighbours, lend a hand to your family and friends this weekend.”