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Here is how much rain fell in Manitoba over the weekend

A bolt of lightning captured over Winnipeg on Saturday night. (Source: Vince Dunsford) A bolt of lightning captured over Winnipeg on Saturday night. (Source: Vince Dunsford)

As thunderstorms touched down in Manitoba over the weekend, a number of communities were hit with more than 50 millimetres (mm) of rain.

On Monday morning, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) said the province saw a wide range of rainfall totals over the weekend, with some areas getting only a few millimetres and other areas getting 61 mm.

The weather agency explained that this is because thunderstorms are small and spotty, and may produce varying amounts of rain within the same region.

One area that got more than a little bit of rain over the last 96 hours was Herman Lake, which got 61.48 mm.

Other areas that received heavy rainfall over the last few days were Teulon, which got 57.1 mm, and Russell, which got 56.2 mm.

Winnipeg got 0.6 mm of rain on Friday, and then 53. 9 mm on Saturday. ECCC did not have any rainfall information for Sunday in Winnipeg.

Other rainfall totals for the last 96 hours include:

  • Lake Francis – 41.9 mm;
  • Berens River – 41.4 mm;
  • Roblin – 23.7 mm; and
  • Swan River – 17.6 mm.

Minto, Lac du Bonnet, Sarah Lake and Pilot Mound all received more than 30 mm.

As of Monday morning, there are no thunderstorm watches in Manitoba; however, there are a number of communities under heat warnings. Top Stories

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