Hundreds of support staff at three Winnipeg hospitals are getting their deletion notices.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says 700 health care aides, clerks and other workers will be effected.

The hospitals impacted are St. Boniface, Grace and Victoria.

The health authority says in order of seniority, staff will soon begin the process of selecting a new position.

The changes are part of the ongoing overhaul of Manitoba's health system. The WRHA says these changes allow for a better balance of services at each hospital on a daily basis.

Unions representing some of the workers say the measures will lead to layoffs and a loss of full time jobs.

But the health authority says it's too soon to say if there will be layoffs or a reduction of hours.

“It's in our best interests to maintain the valuable staff that we have, and we're going to work towards that goal,” said Karlee Blatz, labour relations senior counsel for the WRHA.