WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba government is increasing the hit bank accounts will take if they don't follow public health orders.

Individuals who don't follow the rules will now face a fine of $1,296, which is up from $486.

For businesses and corporations, the fine will now be $5,000, which has climbed from $2,542.

The government is also increasing enforcement for these health orders.

The RCMP, along with other police agencies, can now enforce the rules, as well as the Health Protection Unit, Manitoba Conservation and Climate, Workplace Safety and Health, and the Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority.

The province also said it working on allowing municipal bylaw officers to enforce the health orders.

Premier Brian Pallister said the majority of Manitobans are following the rules, but he said a small group is not listening.

"They are putting their health at risk, they are putting the personal and financial health of all Manitobans at risk as well," said Pallister.

The province said as of Oct. 12, 134 tickets have been handed out for not following health orders.

Pallister noted education is still important and Manitobans must focus on the fundamentals to succeed.

"Repeating the fundamentals is going to make us all stronger. Obviously, for some people, it's a lesson that needs to be repeated more than for others, but it needs to be repeated nonetheless."

The premier was also asked if these new measures would help crackdown on anti-mask protesters who purposely break the rules.

"What we hope is, obviously, that people get the message and are deterred by the potential for losing some coin out of pocket. That seems to be a message some people only respond (to) when it's their dollars that are taken away from them,” he said. “If they choose to act irresponsibly, they can be prepared to pay for that irresponsibility."