WINNIPEG -- Lanette Siragusa, Shared Health’s chief nursing officer, worked a shift at a personal care home this weekend.

Siragusa, a figurehead for healthcare workers at Manitoba’s COVID-19 press conferences, managed to find the time to help out at a Winnipeg care home.

When asked about it on Monday, Siragusa did not provide many details.

“[A] personal care home that’s in an outbreak right now. I went to help out over the weekend,” she said.

Siragusa did not say which of the 29 care homes dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak she attended.

COVID-19 has caused staffing issues in many care homes.

Earlier this month, Maples Personal Care Home had to call paramedics to treat dehydrated residents.

The Canadian Red Cross subsequently sent in workers to help. The incident also sparked the creation of a rapid response team of paramedics to help care homes dealing with outbreaks.

Siragusa said sick time has been an issue both in hospitals and at care homes.

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In the news conference, Siragusa said there have been 111,000 hours lost in the last two weeks due to health-care workers taking sick time.

A spokesperson from the province also confirmed late Monday that Dr. Brent Roussin was also working this weekend.

The spokesperson said Roussin picks up shifts at a local walk-in clinic whenever possible.