The meeting point of three roads in Winkler, Man., ranks as the most dangerous highway intersection in the province outside the Perimeter Highway.

Collision data released to CTV News by Manitoba Infrastructure shows over the past five years there have been 32 collisions at the intersection of Highways 14, 32 and Provincial Road 428 in the southern Manitoba city.

The top five most dangerous highway intersections in Manitoba are all located on the Perimeter Highway.

The numbers aren’t surprising to many given the volume of traffic on the busy stretch of road. 

When you take the Perimeter Highway out of the mix, the Winkler intersection ranks as the most dangerous followed by Deacon’s Corner where there have been 30 crashes over a five-year period.

Rounding out the top five with 27 collisions is the intersection of Highway 9A and Provincial Road 320 in Selkirk, Man. There were 26 crashes, including three fatal collisions at Highway 12 and Provincial Road 210 near Ste. Anne; 23 at Highway 15 and Provincial Road 207 near Dugald, Man.; and 23 collisions at the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 44 near Lockport, Man.

There have been 22 collisions — including three fatal crashes — at Highways 1 and 16 west of Portage la Prairie, Man., and 22 at Highways 2 and 3 near Oak Bluff, Man., where a roundabout was constructed just last year in order to improve safety.

A spokesperson for Manitoba Infrastructure said improvements to the Winkler intersection and Deacon’s Corner “are being developed.”

The department said it’s continuing to monitor and review Highway 9A and PR 320 as well as Highways 9 and 44 for potential short-term solutions. 

Manitoba Infrastructure said it’s proposing safety reviews of Highway 12 and PR 210 and Highway 15 and PR 207.

At Highways 1 and 16 the department said it recently installed protected left turn signal phasing, is updating advanced warning signage and will be conducting a study to look at the possibility of other improvements.