Manitobans are taking fewer trips into the United States for cross-border shopping, according to a new survey conducted by Probe Research.

It found 38 per cent of respondents said they are taking fewer trips compared to one year ago, while 57 per cent said they are making the same amount of trips into the U.S.

And 5 per cent of respondents said they are making more trips.

A total of 67 per cent of the people who are taking fewer trips said they're not crossing the border as much because of the value of the Canadian dollar.

Manitoba Chamber of Commerce vice-president Loren Remillard said that means more Manitobans are shopping locally, which is a good thing for local retailers.

Remillard said new stores in Winnipeg have also made shopping locally more attractive.

While the news is positive, Remillard said the impact on retailers is minimal because, according to Statistics Canada, cross-border shopping only accounts for two per cent of total retail sales in Canada.