WINNIPEG -- The City of Winnipeg is reopening more services next week that were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A news release sent by the city Friday morning said the council building at City Hall will reopen to the public during the week of June 22, and more services at City Hall can be conducted in person.

The reopening of the council building will be under limited circumstances, including appearing as a delegation and meeting with elected officials by appointment. The city will still accommodate people wishing to appear remotely as a delegation.

The city said physical distancing guidelines will be in place, including a meeting room capacity of 25 people. A waiting area in the Mayor’s Foyer will be set up to accommodate the delegations if the meeting room is at capacity. There will also be enhanced cleaning protocols in place.

Mayor Brian Bowman said it is important to keep all staff and residents safe during the reopening process.

"Going forward we want to make sure that when we reopen, if and when there is a second or a third wave, that we have built in as many safeguards so we don't have to go back to full closures the way that we saw at the beginning of the pandemic," said Bowman during a Friday morning press conference. "So that has taken time for our Public Service to do the risk assessments because that community transmission is still occurring in Winnipeg and Manitoba right now."

Jay Shaw, with the city's emergency response centre said it is important to provide services to Winnipeggers.

"It's now time to open slowly, safely, and monitor. We don't have any hesitation of pulling back any of these operations, if there is a risk we missed, if we see a spike in percentages or COVID cases. We want to be able to be flexible," Shaw said.

Shaw added that is they are able to increase the sizes of people allowed, they will do it, but said they should start with this first.


The front counter in the City Clerk’s department, located in the Susan A. Thompson Building will also resume several services.

The list of services can be found below:

  • Receipt of legal services against the City of Winnipeg;
  • Receipt and processing of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requests;
  • Receipt of applications for Assessment appeals;
  • Receipt of appeals of development and regulatory orders;
  • Commissioner for Oath services;
  • Providing proof of life for pensioners;
  • Certifying true copies of documents; and
  • Selling marriage licenses.

The city said only two customers will be allowed at the front counter at a time. Customers are asked to respect social distancing guidelines and stay two metres apart while waiting.

City Hall weddings will also be resuming next week. The city said attendance will be limited to 10 people at indoor ceremonies in the Susan A. Thompson Building, 15 people at indoor ceremonies in the council building, and 25 people at outdoor ceremonies. Physical distancing measures must be followed.