A Winnipeg mother says that like other kids in the child welfare system, her 17-year-old son has been living a nomad existence, moved around from place to place.

By law, CTV News can't identify this mother.

"Yes, multiple times from one foster home to the next, multiple, multiple group homes, to a hotel," said the mother

Manitoba's Children's Advocate says kids in care deal with grief, the loss of loved ones when they're taken away from their families. Compounding that, they’re being shuffled around the system.

A new report from the advocate says in one year, 296 children lived in more than seven places. Two of them were moved 105 times. It says the multiple placements were a common risk factor in 50 kids who died by suicide.

"I've received messages from my son, you know, just ready to give up. He doesn't want to continue on, he doesn't know what to do with himself,’ said the mother.

The report recommends provincial grant money be in place to offer grief training for social workers.