Oysters do not need a lot of ingredients because they are full of flavor on their own. The only rule I have is that the flavor must be a clean flavor. What I mean by clean is fresh horseradish instead of prepared or tabasco instead of chili sauce. Usually just a little squeeze of lemon is all you need.

1. Clean the oyster shell under running water with a brush.

2. Make sure you have a safety glove or towel to hold the oyster. I have seen a lot of cuts because the oyster knife slipped. Insert the tip of the oyster knife into the hinge. Pop the hinge open by using a twisting motion.

3. The oyster meat is connected to the shell at the top and bottom. You want to run the knife along the top of the shell.

4. Once the top of the shell is released, free the meat from the bottom half of the shell and leave it in the bottom to serve.

5. Serve the shells on a pile of salt so they don’t tip over.