Police say gang members were at a Winnipeg wedding where a shooting left one woman dead and two other people injured.

Close to 100 guests were gathered at Club 13 on Main Street on Saturday celebrating the marriage of Angel Raven and Jason Rodgers when someone fired shots through an open door at the back of the hall.

Cheryl Robert, 50, was shot in the head and died. Her common-law husband, who is also 50, was shot in the back while a 31-year-old woman was grazed by a bullet.

Robert was taken to hospital but pronounced dead a short time later while the two other victims have been treated and released.

The bride's brother, Trevor Raven, was standing beside Robert when she was struck by the bullet.

"It was pretty crazy, especially when you got kids in here too," said Raven.

All of the wedding guests were hustled onto non-operating transit buses for questioning immediately after the shooting.

Witnesses say they heard what sounded like balloons popping and then a woman hit the floor.

"I just heard a bunch of pops then a woman just sort of flew, fell to the floor," said wedding guest Jazzmin Paquette.

Paquette said she doesn't believe the shooting was gang related.

Winnipeg police say there were known gang members at the reception, however, investigators have not said whether the shooting itself was gang-related.

On Monday, the search for suspects continued.

"If the suspect and the firearm haven't been recovered that's always a danger to the public. We have someone who's been willing to shoot into a crowd and still has a weapon," said Const. Rob Carver.

The shooting has prompted calls from the Opposition Tories for the province to speed up an anti-gang strategy.

"How many more innocent people have to be killed?" said Progressive Conservative justice critic Kelvin Goertzen.

Justice Minister Dave Chomiak said the province is working on a strategy similar to a project that has helped crack down on auto thieves, however the details are still in the works.

"You can't take a strategy that applies to 150 auto theft people, and overnight make it apply to gang members," Chomiak said.

With reports from CTV's Caroline Barghout and Jon Hendricks