RCMP plan to step up enforcement on Manitoba highways over the long weekend.

They hope to break a deadly trend. RCMP spokesperson Tara Seel said every May long weekend, for the past five years, someone has died on Manitoba’s highways.

2012 – 1 fatality

2013 – 3 fatalities

2014 – 4 fatalities

2015 – 1 fatality

2016 – 2 fatalities

RCMP said the four main contributors to fatal crashes are impaired driving, not wearing seatbelts, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

The Canada Safety Council declared this week National Road Safety Week, which runs until May 22.

On May 10, Manitoba RCMP put out a call to people asking which areas they would like to see police focus on traffic enforcement. Earlier this week, they announced they would be concentrating on stretches of Highway 10 south of Brandon, Highway 52 between Steinbach and La Broquerie, and Highway 207 between Deacons Corner and Lorette.

Response to the initiative was “extremely high” with hundreds of people submitting suggestions, said Sgt. Paul Manaigre.

“Once the results of this come through and we examine how successful this tweeting program was, I’m hoping it will be replicated,” he said.

Manaigre said RCMP also plan to focus on enforcement on gravel roads this weekend.