The popularity of vinyl records plays on in Winnipeg.

Vinyl lovers flipped through records Sunday to find everything from rock to soul, jazz and more at Rockin' Richard's Record and CD sale.

Eighty vendors from across Canada set up at the Victoria Inn for the event.

Those in attendance said the sale has grown over the years as vinyl has grown in popularity.

“I think people want the warmth of records. You can hold a record. You can hear it in the sounds itself. The warmth is there. You get a different base as well,” said organizer Richard Sturtz.

“It’s something you can put on a shelf and appreciate it being there as opposed the digital format where it’s just floating on your computer,” he said.

Sturtz said one way to see the vinyl resurgence is with the wide selection of albums now available in music stores.

The record sale happens twice a year in Winnipeg.