WINNIPEG -- Two schools on the Fisher River Cree Nation are suspending classroom learning for the first semester.

Charles Sinclair School and Fisher River High School will switch to at-home learning after the Fisher River Board of Education along with leadership of the Fisher River Cree Nation made the announcement noting recommendations from parents and the school community.

"We feel that the suspension is necessary to alleviate fear and to keep our students safe with the COVID-19 situation we are facing in the community," the board of education said in a statement on its website.

The first semester will end in February 2021.

"Classes may resume at that time, but only if it is safe to do so."

The board said the teachers will provide homework packages for all students and will also work with the Director of Education to "minimize the impact" of the switch by getting online learning tools and technology for all kids.

The homework packages will be ready by Sept. 18.

"We recognize that the suspension of in-class learning will cause significant disruption for our school community but as always, our priority is student safety. We thank our parents for the continued patience and support as we navigate this challenging time together. We encourage everyone to continue practising safety protocols and to continue being kind."