Some city employees have been sent packing.

The City of Winnipeg says six people have been fired, an outcome of the investigation into Winnipeg building inspectors allegedly slacking on the job.

"If they were doing what they were doing people should be fired," says Coun. Kevin Klein.

 It was announced last week that three people were suspended without pay pending the probe's findings. Two others quit and another retired.

The city began the investigation after a citizen group paid a private investigator to tail and record city building inspectors. The group alleges the videos show the city employees doing personal activities during work hours, like long shopping trips and coffee breaks, a visit to a gym, and snow blowing.

Lawyer John Prystanski represents the group.

"The group realizes or is beginning to see that the City of Winnipeg is taking and has taken their concerns seriously...there is validity to their claim that municipal inspectors were not performing their duties," says Prystranski.

 The city paid $18,000 for the video evidence to assist with its internal probe.

 Despite the cost, Winnipeg's property and development chair, Brian Mayes, says the city had to act.

"We had to take some action here when people are hiring private investigators and supplying you the tape I think you have to do something and not sweep it under the carpet," says Mayes .

But even with six people fired, the lawyer for the group says his clients still want an external inquiry.

"We don't believe that every culpable party in this fiasco has actually been held accountable," says Prystanski.

 Mayes is confident, as a result of the investigation, things are changing for the better in the property department.

"Yeah I think this is going to send a message to people," says Mayes.