WINNIPEG -- St. Boniface City Hall will have a new owner.

The City of Winnipeg had previously reached an agreement with Manitoba Possible to be the new owners of the building.

But, once the organization takes possession of the heritage building, it will be turned over once again.

The Society of Francophone Manitobans (SFM) has a signed letter with Manitoba Possible stating it will be the new owners once the sale from the city goes through.

"We've continued to lobby with the City of Winnipeg over the last years about not selling this important historic monument," said Angela Cassie, the vice president of SFM.

Cassie said the organization believed the city should have never sold the building, noting it is historic to the area.

"It's a symbolic location that is recognized across the country to represent Francophones in Manitoba."

She added it is also contemporarily significant as it is home to an art gallery that features local artists, tourism businesses and organizations that are working to bringing new businesses to the area.

"It is a cultural hub. It is a symbol of who we are and our presence here in Manitoba and it continues to be an important location for us to come together as a community."

Moving forward, Cassie said the organization doesn't want to keep the building long-term and they are actively working to find a long-term owner.

"We are not property managers, that is not what we do at the SFM," she said. "Our next steps will be how to ensure its long-term sustainability."

She said SFM will be having conversations with the community and also look into government programs to determine the future of the building.