WINNIPEG -- Eat them at home.

Manitobans won't be able to consume cannabis edibles in public.

Pot edibles are expected to start coming to market in mid-December. Premier Brian Pallister said just like smoking marijuana, eating cannabis treats on the streets won't be allowed in Manitoba.

"Baking your own cookies versus buying cookies retail wouldn't matter, you can't go out to the park and eat them," said Pallister.

Current provincial law bans public smoking and vaping of marijuana but does not mention edibles.

Pallister said if need be the law will be tweaked.

"We'll have to look at it, probably at the wording and amendment if necessary, the intention of the law is very clear that we're making illegal the public consumption," said Pallister.

Manitoba's Opposition Leader Wab Kinew said the law should be somewhat flexible, making exceptions for events like Folkfest and in provincial parks.

"When it comes to being a little bit more liberal shall we say, with some of these rules then I think maybe yeah, there can be conversation around concert venues and parks and places like that," said Kinew.