WINNIPEG -- One Winnipeg-based organization is helping families get computers so they can better access educational tools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This initiative was started by Inspire Community Outreach Inc., and supported by River Heights MLA Dr. Jon Gerrard, as well as non-profit Computers for Schools.

Within 36 hours, there were 240 requests for computers for families in Manitoba.

Angela Taylor, founder and CEO of Inspire Community Outreach, said the indefinite closure of schools due to the spread of COVID-19 has caused distress.

"People who can manage this lifestyle are privileged, without fear they will be unable to feed and house their children, live in a home large enough to separate children, with access to internet, computers and tablets,” she said in an open letter to policy makers on April 1.

The guidelines do not work for those who are vulnerable, are part of a minority group, or those with exceptional children, like those with complex disabilities."

Taylor noted that getting people access to computers is only one solution to a number of concerns.