WINNIPEG -- Premier Brian Pallister made a passionate plea on Wednesday directed at younger people to follow the proper practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pallister made the comments at a news conference after being asked by a reporter if the government would take stricter actions to enforce social distancing as some people are still not following the protocols, the reporter using an example of seeing kids playing football.

Pallister said young people need to step up and do their part to help during this pandemic.

"This is disrespectful to each other. This is not what good citizenship looks like," he said.

The premier said the young people of Manitoba need to understand what previous generations have done.

"Understand that previous generations fought and gave up their lives to protect their fellow citizens.,” Pallister said. “Manitoba led the way in people volunteering for service in both the First (World) War and Second (World) War, young people did their part, they stood up and they did their part and you have the chance to do your part now."

Pallister said he doesn't like hearing reports of people not following directives from the government and health officials and said all Manitobans need to do their part to beat this virus.

"Follow the directives, make sure that you're careful, make sure that you respect each other, and make sure you respect the people around,” he said. “You can save a life right now."

Pallister said the government needs everyone to listen now.

"This is real, this not pretend, this is not a video game."

The premier said he hopes it doesn't take excessive measures to make sure people listen, but he did say he wouldn't take that option off the table. He added he will listen to all these cases and investigate them.

He also took a moment to thank those who are doing their part and said because of them they are helping to flatten the curve in the province.