Most of us have experienced dreaded holiday travel and sometimes that can be exasperated by other pesky passengers.

Some of the top travel complaints are passengers who talk too loudly, take up too much space, and wear strong smells.

“When you’re travelling you should not be wearing a perfume that can kill other passengers,” said traveller Aparna Sharma. “Tone it down!”

Other major travel gripes include children running wild, and pushy passengers rushing to get on or off the plane.

Cultural diversity trainer Janet Desautels says to avoid becoming one of ‘those’ passengers, people need to be aware of their surroundings.

“The best rule of thumb is notice the context of the setting you’re in. If you’re in a plane for example, it’s close quarters so be sensitive to that and other people’s responses to you,” said Desautels.

She says to plan ahead and look at airport rules to avoid causing delays in the bag check and security lines.

Other advice Desautels offers, pay attention to social cues to know if you're doing something wrong because people will often give you strange looks, frown, or even move away from you if you're bothering them.