After nearly a month in hospital, a man whose body police say shows signs of torture, is finally able to speak.

His family says he accused an acquaintance of attacking him.

Dustin LaFortune was dropped off anonymously at a hospital in Regina with physical signs of torture, police said.

Until recently, he was unconscious and unable to speak.

His mother, Renee LaFortune, says that while she knows who is responsible, she doesn't know why it happened.

"I'd like the police to tell me what kind of motive there could be, what kind of motive causes someone to do that to another human being," she says.

Dustin LaFortune testified in a gang-related murder trail in 2004. He was a witness against the killer of Winnipeg Zig Zag Crew member Trevor Savoie.

However, Renee LaFortune said her son's torture had nothing to do with his testimony in the case.

"We know who did this and it has nothing to do with a trial in Winnipeg in 2004," she said.

Marcel LaFortune, Dustin's cousin, said he believes that with time the family will be able to put together the pieces of the circumstances that led to the torture.

"It was inhumane and absolutely uncalled for no matter what the circumstances may have been," he said.

Regina police major crimes unit is continuing the investigation.