WINNIPEG -- A Manitoba boy is facing a new battle to get home after receiving a liver transplant last month.

Micheal Hlatkey was born with biliary atresia, a disease that affects the liver.

As his condition worsened, the 7-year-old was put on the waiting list for a liver transplant.

Almost a year later, he received a liver transplant on September 24.

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"He's doing pretty good," said Dana Hlatkey, Michael's mother. "We've had some up and down moments, but those are expected."

The family has been stuck in Toronto at the hospital where the transplant took place.

"There's still lots that goes on," said Hlatkey. "It's not, 'your done and you walk away good.'"

Hlatkey said in a case like Michael's, he would normally be released from the hospital and stay in a care facility like the Ronald McDonald House. COVID-19, however, has made getting into those places harder.

"It's me and a 7-year-old boy in a 12-by-12 room 24/7," Hlatkey said.

The family is hoping to be back in Manitoba later this week but it depends on Michael's condition and if they can secure the right medications at home.

"It's all going to be what's best for him," said Hlatkey. "He takes nine medications just in the morning not including at lunch, his 4:00 p.m. medications and his bedtime ones."

Michaels also needs blood work done every 2-3 days and doctor follow-ups.

Hlatkey said each transplant patient is different and there is no clear timeline for recovery.


On top of Michael's health, Hlatkey is concerned about her son's education.

Right now, he is being taught by an educator at the Toronto Children's Hospital.

"It's the only education he's getting currently, sometimes it's only for 20-minutes," Hlatkey said.

The family is unsure what school will be like when they come back to Winnipeg.

Michael is in French immersion in the Sunrise School Division and will have to take online classes.

"Nothing has been set up," Haltkey said. "I'm hoping by the time we get back they have that sorted out."

The mother is concerned Michael won't receive any no one-on-one time.

"Outside the hospital, we don't know what we are going to get," she said.

CTV News reached out to the school division but the office was closed for the weekend.

With no clear path, questions remain for both Michael's future health and education.

"When do we get to have the answers," said Hlatkey.