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Winnipeg councillor says overburdened Animal Services needs more investment


The chair of Winnipeg's Community Services Committee said the time has come for the city to invest more money in Animal Services. 

Coun. Evan Duncan said over time, there has been a lack of investment in Animal Services and he feels the city must do more to help. 

"I think it's time that council seriously considers looking at investing, whether it be capital or operations with Animal Services," said Duncan.

Staff are currently caring for 35 dogs and officials say they're only comfortable with 20. 

"These increased levels of dogs, they're sustained," said Leland Gordon, the general manager of Animal Services.

"They're not going down.  And we've been dealing with this for about a year to two years."

With every dog that arrives, no matter how lovable, the job gets that much harder. 

Gordon said caring for 35 dogs is backbreaking labour. 

"Imagine having to clean the kennels of 35 dogs a day. Take all those dogs outside, clean the poop, clean everything.  It's a tremendous amount of work."

But given the financial challenges facing the city, a rapid influx of cash may not be in the cards. 

However, Gordon said there are things dog owners can do to help. 

"The number one solution is spay and neuter. More access to spay and neuter, more affordable spay and neuter."

Duncan said there's already a budget referral for a little clinic within Animal Services.  It will offer a spay and neuter program for low-income residents.

In the meantime, they're hoping Winnipeggers will help them out.  Animal Services is having a dog adoption sale on Saturday from noon to four.

The price for many of the dogs has been lowered to 175 dollars, and that includes the cost of the licence, spaying or neutering, vaccinations and a heartworm test. Top Stories

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