WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg resident Tyler Walsh and his two sons have a new message for children in their latest stop-motion Lego video: Santa Claus will still be delivering presents in time for Christmas despite the pandemic.

In the video, Walsh uses a Lego Santa Claus, elves, and other characters inside intricately-built sets to reassure children and show how the North Pole team is safely preparing for Christmas Eve, from sanitizing presents to wearing masks.

He also reminds children to be “extra good” to their parents, who’ve had a tough year.

“My hope is that parents get a hold of it, teachers get a hold of it, and then show their kids because I think there’s a great message for kids in there,” said Walsh, who works for Economic Development Winnipeg.

He posted the video to his social media platforms on Sunday after dedicating around 30 to 40 hours to the project. Walsh said his sons helped source the Lego pieces and build Santa’s workshop along with other sets.

Walsh has created several other stop-motion Lego videos this year, including one with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s message for children during the pandemic, which received national attention in April.

Since then, Walsh said he and his sons have upped their game by expanding their Lego collection and investing in a stop-motion animation software program, Dragonframe.

“Part of it is just that it’s really fun, but there’s some really kind interesting or neat messages that I can get out there as well,” he said.

Walsh said he hasn’t ruled out creating another video before the end of the year but doesn’t have anything planned just yet.