A 49-year-old woman faces charges in a pharmaceutical fraud case in Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association (MPhA) said it began investigating a female staff member regarding missing money. As officials dug deeper, they discovered documents forged in exchange for payments between 2009 and 2010, said officials.  

Ronald Guse, chair of the MPhA, wouldn't say which documents were false. Guse focused instead on easing concerns.

"We are wired for public protection and when that is challenged, we want to make sure our response is quick," said Guse.

The suspect was an employee of the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association who was let go when the allegations came to light. Two pharmacists also had their licenses revoked as a result of an investigation.

The two pharmacists who had their licenses revoked had been practicing in Manitoba without proper licensing – one had been practicing for a few days, while the other had been doing so for almost a month, said officials.

"The risk to the public was minimal," said Guse.

Five pharmacists were flagged and in the end two had their licenses and registration revoked.

The two pharmacists who had their licenses revoked are Michael Narous and Rafat Kirolos. Police said they are looking to speak with them.

A four-month-long investigation by police led to charges being laid against the 49-year-old female suspect. She has been released on a promise to appear in court.

The MPhA took four months to report the crime to police. Officials admit to hiring a private public relations firm before or just after calling officers. The MPhA said the deputy minister of health was notified. Five more months passed, however, before the issue was made public.

The deputy minister of health said the province trusted the MPhA to deal with the matter.

Tim Saunders is a pharmacist who said he hopes the profession isn't left in a negative light.

"I know what I (had) to go through to become licensed so it should be pretty hard to get past those things to get approved," said Saunders.

- with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley