WINNIPEG -- According to the City of Winnipeg, a woman was issued two tickets for failing to properly physical distance during two separate assaults.

A spokesperson for the city said the initial incident took place on May 4, when a community service ambassador was assaulted at Assiniboine Park. The second incident was on May 12, but this time a by-law enforcement officer was attacked.

According to the city, the by-law enforcement officer detained the woman during the second incident. Winnipeg police also arrested and charged the suspect.

“Both incidents resulted in the violation of the social distancing order of the CAO,” said the spokesperson in a statement.

On May 14, the accused was served two summonses to attend court for failing to stay two metres away from another individual while in a park.

The woman was ticketed on May 18. The penalty for failing to physically distance is a fine up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail.

Over the May long weekend, city by-law officers and ambassadors reached an all-time high for verbal warnings, giving out 86 on Sunday.