Nearly two weeks after Halloween, the scares continue.

Lisa Hargreaves says her daughter opened a box of Smarties for Lisa's 11-month-old grandson Wednesday.

What they found was far more frightening than the chocolate they expected to see.

Inside the box, there were only five Smarties. But the box was full with 17 pills.

"The box has clearly been tampered with," said Hargreaves. She said there was thick glue on the opened end of the box.

“It's not like a normal amount of glue. It's an excessive amount."

The family took the pills to a local pharmacy where they learned the medicine inside was enough to kill her grandson if he had ingested it.

CTV Winnipeg contacted a different pharmacy.

Steven Burczynski, the pharmacy manager at West Broadway Pharmacy, said it looks like a prescription allergy pill.

“Hydroxyzine - the small orange tablet - basically what it's used for, it's an antihistamine, so for any kind of allergic reactions, it's commonly prescribed to those patients." He said it can also have other uses.

Burczynski said if the 11-month old boy had ingested the pills, he could have faced overdose symptoms like increased heart rate, a drop in blood pressure, dizziness and drowsiness.

Police say it's rare that Halloween candy gets tampered with, but they do hear reports of it each year.

"If they do see something that's not quite right, they need to report it to us immediately", said Const. Jason Michalyshen from the Winnipeg Police Service.

Police said they'll document any candy that has been tampered with, and record where it came from, so that they can link any possible cases together.

Hargreaves filed a police report Thursday, Nov. 13.

She said the family was trick-or-treating near Chief Peguis Trail and Gateway Road.

She wants to warn anyone who was shelling out in that area to check over their candy carefully.

Winnipeg police have picked up the pills for further investigation.