Winnipeg police have arrested another three suspects in what detectives describe as a massive fraud scheme that targeted Manitoba Public Insurance.


The investigation, dubbed Project Rollback, centred on staged collisions, hit and run collisions, false stolen vehicle reports, rolled-back odometers and altered sales documents that police say add up to about $800,000 in false claims to the public insurer.


Police from a number of agencies and departments started arrests last week and on Monday, announced the arrests of 21 people in the case.


On Tuesday, police said three additional arrests had been made:


 Danielle Bruyere, 20
 Lamont Ahmed Sesay, 27
 William Franck, 54


Charges were previously laid against:


Quincy Adurogboye, 29, of Winnipeg
Fraud Over $5,000 X 10

Michelle Garand, 51, of Winnipeg
Fraud Over $5,000 X 5 and Fraud Under $5,000

Jasmyne Garand-Jones, 21, of Winnipeg 
Fraud Over $5,000

Savanna Lughas-Garand, 19, of Winnipeg 
Fraud Over $5,000 X 2

Kaela Perry, 23, of Winnipeg                               
Fraud Over $5,000 X 9 and Fraud Under $5,000 X 3

Maria Austria, 31, of Winnipeg                             
Fraud Over $5,000 X 6 and Fraud Under $5,000 X 3

Norman Beardy, 40, of Winnipeg                          
Fraud Over $5,000 X 4 and Fraud Under $5,000 X 3
Drazen Bukvic, 20, of Winnipeg                           
Fraud Over $5,000 X 3

Feleshia Inglis, 23, of Winnipeg                          
Fraud Over $5,000 X 2

Stacey Gerbrandt, 22, of Winnipeg
Fraud Over $5,000 X 3

Elmer Fakhruddin, 23, of Winnipeg                      
Fraud Over $5,000

Ray Ostertag, 52, of Selkirk                           
Fraud Over $5,000


Investigators have two additional arrest warrants:


Serge Myron, 30, Long Plain, Manitoba

Kevin Arrow, 33, Winnipeg


A total of nine other people are facing a variety of similar charges in the investigation, however they were released from custody on promise to appear in court so their names were not released by police.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.