WINNIPEG -- The amount of money homeowners and builders could be refunded for paying impact fees is now a lot clearer.

A quarterly report to the city’s finance committee says the impact fee reserve as of June 30 sits at $36.1 million, connected to 3,650 permits.

That’s $3.6 million more than the previous report to the end of March.

In July, a judge ruled the impact fee was an invalid, indirect tax, and ordered the city to issue refunds.

Mayor Brian Bowman said the city would not appeal the decision.

But there is still no timeframe on potential refunds.

The home building industry, who took the city to court over the fee, was seeking clarification from the judge on who is eligible for refunds in certain cases; homeowners or builders.

In a statement, the city tells CTV News discussions are continuing between its legal counsel and the plaintiff on establishing the process to refund the fees, as well as finalizing the wording of the court order.

“The City intends to ensure the refund process is fair and consistent with the Court’s decision," the statement said.