The oldest son of Karl Wesley McKay testified about what he witnessed at this home on Fisher River Cree nation.

McKay and his common-law wife Samantha Kematch have been charged with first degree murder in the killing of Kematch's five-year-old daughter Phoenix Sinclair.

The teenager, now 18, said that his dad would shoot Phoenix with a BB gun when the girl would take out the garbage.

The son said McKay would say "run" and he'd shoot her for the fun of it.

He said the BB's would leave marks on the girl's back.

McKay's son also told the court that his father would play a game called chicken, by choking Phoenix until she blacked out, leaving finger imprints on her throat.

One time he said Phoenix let out a weird scream, and when she blacked out McKay threw her down, her head hitting the floor, and she laid there twitching.

The witness adding that Phoenix wasn't fed, that one time he tried to sneak her some bread and water because she said she was hungry.

But when he got caught he said Kematch yelled at him asking why he was giving her daughter food.

At one point the young man began to cry when he testified that Phoenix said thank you to him as he gave her some food.

The defence suggested that maybe the injuries were accidental. McKay's lawyer suggested that the man was just play wrestling with the girl, and was surprised when she got hurt.

He also suggested that maybe McKay's son was the one to shoot Phoenix with the gun.

Kematch's lawyer tried to point out that it was McKay that inflicted the more serious beatings.

Kematch says McKay pushed Phoenix violently to the ground, but police did ask Kematch why she didn't try and stop the violence.

In a videotaped statement Kematch told an officer the girl often wouldn't wear clothes because she'd soil herself, and that's when she said McKay would get angry and beat her.

Kematch also admitted she forced phoenix to eat her own vomit.

The tape concluded with the officer asking Kematch how she could have left a little girl naked and lying on a basement floor for a whole day and let her die.

Kematch responded, she felt ashamed, and knows this shouldn't have happened.

With a report from CTV's Kelly Dehn